How to check shared numbers on Glo Updated 2024

how to unshare or remove numbers from Glo Shared data? In this guide we will show you how to do just that. You will also learn how to view shared numbers that are on your shared data list, know the numbers that you currently share your Glo data with.

At some point you may change your mind about data sharing and want to remove the numbers you previously added.

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Also, if you’re the type that your friends always play a fast one by adding their numbers to your list of friends you c with, then you have to make sure you always check and remove them, so that they won’t burn your subscription and you’ll not be able to access the internet when you need to do something very urgent or important.

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We’ll take it one step at a time…

How to view the numbers your Glo data is shared with:

To show a list of people currently sharing your Glo data plan, just dial *321*00# or Send “List” to 127. Within a few seconds Glo will send you a message containing all the numbers sharing your data subscription. Glo will also notify you if there’s nobody currently sharing your subscription.

How to unshare my Glo Shared data?
To remove numbers from the list of numbers you currently share your Glo shared plan, dial *321*02*[friend’s number]# Or Send “Remove [friend’s number]” to 127.

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For instance, if the number of the friend you intend to remove from your Glo data sharing list is 08***********, then dial *321*02*08***********# or send “Remove 08***********” to 127 (without quotes).

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