How To Monetize Twitter Space

Twitter is one of the known social media sites that provide access for communication and interaction of family, friends, loved ones, and co-workers. It’s best known as a microblog that helps people to share news and other information and has thousands of people to read it. Learn how to monetize twitter space. It provides connecting services for connectivity, sharing ideas, pictures, videos, and links among themselves and their audience.

How To Monetize Twitter Space

Twitter is used in making money through different means that includes:

  • It can also be used to advertise personal products and services for sales, affiliate marketing, selling of sponsored tweets, etc.
  • Twitter has tons of new features. One of the features is the ability to monetize tweets and videos.

To have access to the creator studio, visit the media studio and apply.

If you are eligible, all you have to do is to arrange a couple of settings, like the kind of ads you will be shown with your content. With this, you will always get paid whenever they roll before your video or tweets. This makes life easy for Twitter users!

Twitter making money is not stressful, but you need great ideas to convince your audience, and let them know the importance of your content.

If you can convince them with your expertise words and they click the link, your product will go on sale.


Spaces on Twitter is a medium for having live audio conversations on Twitter. Spaces are short live audio conversations on Twitter.

It’s great if you join and speak in people’s space to create awareness first before starting your own.

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I know you have a big fan that you follow, celebrate, and want to be like, if not you won’t be able to join the space twitter of that person.

The following helps you join your space host.

  • Indicate a purple Space indicator at the top of your timeline.
  • Tap on it.
  • Click Join this space’
  • They will give you the option to join as a listener or speaker.
  • Start as a listener or
  • Convince the host to approve your speech request before you can speak in Space.

How You Can Host Your Own Space On Twitter

One of the reasons why you are advised to follow someone’s space as a listener and as well speak in space before opening yours is for awareness’ sake. But you are not limited to that.

You can open your Twitter account and create a Twitter space without following anyone whether you are a celebrity or not.


  • Open your Twitter account
  • Click the ‘+’ floating button by the bottom right
  • Select ‘Spaces’ from the options given.
  • They will ask you to name the Space.
  • Use a relevant name for the discussion.
  • Click ‘Start your space’.
  • Then go ahead to Configure Spaces.
  • Click on the mic button at the bottom left.
  • Click the three horizontal dots menu
  • Select ‘Adjust settings’ to enable or view captions.
  • Click the arrow above to minimize the Space.
  • Scroll through your feed while listening to a Space session.


Since Twitter is a social media.

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Many on Twitter who wish to follow you, can join your Space without limitation.

You don’t need several followers before you can start space or a limited number of people that can follow you.

The only place of limit we have in Twitter Space is based on those that can speak in the space.

According to Twitter,  Up to 13 can speak in Space. The host plus 12 others are only allowed to speak simultaneously in a Space while hundreds and thousands of your followers can join you.

The more you’re famous, the more your followers increase, the more they increase, the higher you have chances of more sales.


Allowing the audience to see and listen to you on Space will help you to go viral than expected.

People need to meet you on social media, know you, listen to you, and understand the stuff you are made of.

This will make those that appreciate who you are go crazy about everything concerning you and even advertise you or your products elsewhere.

The steps include:

  • Click profile photo at the top left menu.
  • Go to Settings and privacy.
  • Go to privacy and safety under the setting
  • Go to Spaces
  • Click “on” to allow followers to see and listen to you.
  • Turn off when you wish to.


There are many methods one can use to achieve getting people to follow them on Twitter.

Many people will be willing to honor your twitter invitation especially when you have what they want.

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You can invite people to your contact list.

The easiest way to get followers is by following someone in Space first.

Those that are familiar with you over there will be free to follow you in your space.

This will make you famous as well as increase you.

How you can invite people to join your Twitter includes:

The steps are as follows:

  • Go to Twitter sign up page and tap the Twitter sign up URL
  • Copy the URL by double click I
  • Select the platform you want to invite people from, it can be Facebook, email, Gmail, contact list, especially when the person does not have Twitter.
  • Paste the URL you have chosen
  • Send your invitation to them


Twitter Is a global platform that helps people to come in contact with large audiences and make them popular in life.

It’s also one of the platforms where you can market your business, meet your celebrity, can also have access to join music studios, and a lot more.

This social media made it possible for you to have as many audiences as you wish without limitation.

All you need to do is be creative while putting up your profile because what attracts people first is your picture and capturing your words.

Your unique profile words and attractive pictures interest people to meet you and celebrate you as they follow your Space.

Through this guidance, follow the steps sequentially and get a huge result without delay.

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