How to Share and Transfer Data on MTN 2023 Updated

MTN is a big network provider in Nigeria with many customers who may want to share data to one anther. This is a guide to show you how to  transfer data on MTN with USSD or SMS method.

MTN Data Gifting is a feature by MTN that lets you buy, share and even transfer your MTN data to your family and friends. Every MTN customer can use the MTN data sharing services.

There are 3 methods to Share data on MTN. I’ll be listing it and explaining how to do it successfully:

  1. Through the myMTN app,
  2. SMS: MTN Data transfer with SMS method, and
  3. USSD: USSD code for MTN data sharing/transfer.

It won’t take you more than 1 minutes to complete your data transfer on MTN if you follow any of the below steps.

How to Transfer Data on MTN 2023

Here are new ways on how to transfer and share data from MTN to MTN. Follow the below steps to successfully share your MTN data using the USSD code, SMS or MTN app method, choose which method is convenient for you.

Code to Share Data on MTN

Using the MTN USSD code method to share your MTN data, you enjoy fast and easy operation. The code to transfer data on MTN is *321*2# and follow the prompt on the screen.

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Follow this step by step guide on how to use the code to share your MTN data.

On your phone with the MTN SIM having the data you may want transfer from, open your Phone dialer, and

  • Dial *321#.
  • Enter receiver phone number( Must be MTN number).
  • Select option 2.
  • Choose 1, 2, or 3 (depending on the MegaByte, MB, size you want to transfer) and send.
  • Wait for confirmation prompt to be sure it was successful.

The quickest way to transfer data on MTN is using the MTN Share code. Here is a single code (direct method) to share MTN data in one-click:

Dial *321*Receiver-Phone-Number*Data-Amount# Example: *321*0803000000*500#

Be careful while using the direct method. Make sure to confirm the MTN receiver phone number and amount of data you are sending.

SMS Code to Transfer Data on MTN

There is also a method of sharing data on MTN using SMS. To do so, send an SMS in this format with your MTN line (having the data balance):

Send Transfer Phone-Number Data-Amount to 321.  Example: Transfer 0803000000 500 to 321 where 0803000000 is the MTN number you are sending 500MB.

Remember to replace 0803000000 to the MTN number you want to send your specified data (in Megabyte) to.

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How to Share Data with myMTN App

To send data with your myMTN app, you must have a smartphone and the MTN app installed. Follow this simple steps to share your active MTN data to a friend or loved ones:

  • Open and login the myMTN app with MTN line
  • Locate My services section and click MTN Data gifting tab
  • Click on Share my Data
  • Enter the MTN receiver phone number
  • Enter the desired amount
  • Confirm your entry to make sure you’re sending to the intended MTN user.
  • Click transfer Data

Wait for the success prompt to be sure you have successfully transfered part of your MTN data balance to your desired receiver.

FAQs on Data Transfer on MTN

We have gathered possible questions asked by MTN customers relating to MTN data sharing services.

What is the Maximum Data to Share?

The maximum data to Send on MTN per day is 3GB, and the minimum is 50MB.

How much Data can I Send on MTN at a time?

The amount of data you can transfer at a time are:

  • 50MB,
  • 100MB,
  • 200MB,
  • 500MB,
  • 1GB,
  • 2GB, and
  • 3GB.

However, you must ensure you have at least 50MB in your data balance after every Send for your transfer to be successful.

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What is the Code to share Data on MTN?

The code to Share data from MTN to MTN is *321*2# or 312*8#.

Will I require PIN to Share Data?

No, you only need to enter your beneficiary’s phone number and choose a data plan to use the service.

Can I Send Data from MTN to Other Networks?

No, you can only do an MTN shared data from MTN to MTN only. Sending data from MTN to other Nigeria networks is not possible. So disregard all blog posts claiming it is possible.


The new code to transfer and share your MTN data is fast and easier but it’s not secure. There is no PIN required to send data from your MTN line again, unlike the previous method to do a data sending.

Anyone with your phone can share data without your knowledge, so the best way to secure your phone and data is to lock your phone and know who you give.

In summary, MTN data sending requires you to know your receiver phone number, the amount you want to share, then choose the method of transfer: the USSD Code method, SMS method and myMTN app method of sharing MTN data.

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