How to share data on Airtel Network Updated 2024

The Me2U service allows its subscribers to share data from one Airtel line to another regardless of where they are. This is an easy process on how to send data on Airtel anytime with your loved ones. Below is a simple step you can follow to learn how to do it.

Airtel allows you to share a data plan with family and friends across phones, tablets and laptops. Here is the ultimate guide on how to transfer data on Airtel using the Data Me2U service. How to send data on Airtel using Data Me2U.

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Me2U, also known as Airtel Data Share, is a special service that allows an Airtel subscriber to show love to another Airtel subscriber by transferring a portion of their existing data allowance to another person. This means you can buy a bundle and share it with your family members, friends or even colleagues as long as they are on the Airtel network.

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Me2U registration If you are a subscriber on the Airtel network, you don’t have to register for the Airtel Me2U service, as every active line can enjoy the service. You just need to change the default PIN that came with the line to a personal and more secure PIN that you can remember easily but one that is difficult for anyone to guess. How to access Me2U The Airtel transfer code for the Me2U service is *312#. Therefore, to access the service, dial *312#, then select the “Gift” or “Share Data” option. Thereafter, select “Data Me2U”. And that is how to share Airtel data. Follow links for more Telecom info.

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