luxembourg work visa without Ielts

So I’ve been doing a lot of research on jobs in luxembourg work visa without Ielts for foreign workers. Did you know that Luxembourg is the largest financial hub globally? There are so many job opportunities in Luxembourg for workers outside and inside Luxembourg, the richest country in the world. According to my research, this country has the second highest Gdp per capita in the world with stable economy. Even though it’s a small country in Europe, there are so many job opportunities for skilled workers. Luxembourg is also multilingual. It has a very strong and diverse workforce. Even if you’re a French speaker, a German speaker, or maybe you’re an English speaker, right? There are a lot of opportunities for people who come from different backgrounds in terms of languages, which makes Luxembourg one of the top choices for foreign workers. So in this post, we are going to be introducing three job portals where you can find jobs in Luxembourg. You will find lots of recruitment agencies and employers publishing jobs on this website. These are jobs that are made for people who are living in Luxembourg and for workers who are outside Luxembourg. You need to take your time to explore these three job portals.

Low skilled jobs in luxembourg work visa without Ielts

Low skilled jobs like hairdressers, Carpenters, Driving jobs, Service, debt, IT, Finance, Admin. There are a lot of job opportunities and the good thing about these jobs is that some of them don’t need a university degree. No Ielts and no age limits attached to applying for any of these jobs. I also made a post about some job portals where you can find jobs in Luxembourg. Here is the post. If you haven’t seen it, I will also drop the link in the description so go check it out. I will also drop the link that can give you access to the three job portals that we are going to be sharing in this post. you are welcome to immigrate with AMI. We’ll be talking about three different job platforms. And the reason why we chose three different platform is because there are some platforms that are actually specific to some job sectors.

ICT jobs

There are some of those job platforms that are only specific for ICT jobs. For example, you find some other platforms that you can only find finance job. And then there are other sectors where you can more or less find like general jobs. Okay, so what we’re going to be doing in this post is to review three platforms quickly. The first one is actually for ICT jobs. Second one is for finance related jobs, and then the last one is a platform where you can actually find job in any of the sectors. So the first platform we are talking about is ICT Job, which is a platform where you can find ICT related jobs. This is the homepage of the job. You can also see right here that it’s easy for you to navigate because you can actually filter by the ICT roles that you are interested in. So if you are looking for developer or analyst programmer roles, you can just click on that here.

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Help desk And Telecom Engineer Role

If you are looking for a DevOps engineer role, a help desk or support role and a network or telecom engineer role. So this helps you to filter by the job sector or the occupation that you’re interested in. You can also filter by the development, by the system, or by the tools and competencies. We can take a quick look at some of the jobs that are currently open for a consultant sector. This is for a network, system administrator and a business developer.

Analyst Programmer jobs

This is for an analyst programmer, net specialist and  information security officer. For SAP administrator, test engineer, VMware engineer, business consultant in Atlassian, help desk agent, senior risk consultant. There is another opportunity for DevOps engineer. So you can actually see here, when it comes to the ICT, it’s not only the regular ICT jobs that we know, like programmers and software developers or data analysts, there are a lot of different roles and jobs that you can apply for right on this platform. The name of the platform again is Ictjob Lu. And let’s quickly review a couple of jobs before we move on to the second platform. So this one is for an information security officer.

Cybersecurity Role

And when it comes to cybersecurity or information security, this is actually one of the sectors that is among the fastest growing worldwide. So if you are looking for an opportunity in this sector, this is an opportunity right here for you in Luxembourg. So you can see the key responsibilities here. You’ll be supporting in defining the security policies, you assist in security planning, you will contribute to risk assessment, you contribute to continuous improvement. You can read up more information right here.

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Qualification Needed in luxembourg work visa without Ielts

What are the qualifications required? So a bachelor’s degree, it’s required either in computer science, information technology or a related field. You need a minimum of three years work experience in security field, strong knowledge of security threats, risk and controls. And of course you need to have experience with security standards.

Skills And Ability Required

These  are the skills and abilities? Excellent communication, of course, strong analytical and problem solving abilities, detail oriented and ability to collaborate with cross functional and international teams. So if you’re interested in this role, you can click on the apply button here to submit your application. So move on to the second opportunity in the ICT sector, which is for a SAP administrator. You can read up more information about the job description, what you’ll be doing, what they need in terms of your expertise and knowledge.

Experiences For luxembourg work visa without Ielts

They need you to have at least three years experience using SAP BI platform on administration and development, knowledge of IBM, data state administration, SAP business object patching, installation experience and other useful skills and experience that are required on this role. If you have this profile or you have a related profile, okay, and you’re interested in this role, you can also click on the apply button right here. This third opportunity is for a test engineer which is also an IT related role. Basically they are recruiting for an automation tester to work for one of their clients in the banking sector. So this is related. Even though this is an ICT job, you will actually be working in the banking industry. So the recruitment process involves a pre qualification stage. If you become successful after that first stage, then you would receive like a salary proposal. Then you will have a second interview with the business manager and then after that you will go to the technical test and the interview with the chief technology officer.

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Interview Section

After all of this is concluded, then they will give you a proposal of your application to the client. And of course the client can now request for like a final interview either in person or by video. So basically this is the process that you have to pass through if you are interested in this role and you can see that they have a lot of exciting offers attached to this job. Of course if you’re interested, all you need to do also is to click on the apply button. We are moving to the second platform is a platform where you can actually find job in different sectors. This is not limited to maybe ICT or finance sectors but you can find jobs in any sector you are interested in and the name of the platform is called Jobfighter. You can see that there are a mix of jobs right here. At this working time, the categories, the experience required and the educational level can also filter by the type of contract that you are looking for. So either a fixed time, a permanent, a freelance, a student job or other types of contracts.

High skilled jobs in luxembourg work visa without Ielts

Taking a quick look you would see that they have jobs. Secretary, a design engineer, interior designer, a carpenter, an experienced accountant, a supervisor, a condominium manager, train drivers, graduate educator, traffic managers, system administrator, accountant boss, drivers. Human resource manager, assistant, social teaching assistant. Project manager. Municipal officer. Security engineer. Full time automotive paint technician. These are actually jobs in all of the sectors. And of course, I believe you can find something for yourself right here. So this first one is for a full time automotive paint technicians or those that are involved in painting automotives. It’s a full time job, as you can see right here. So the mission or the objectives of this role is preparing automotives for repainting, preparation of the surface to be treated.

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