How To Create A Gmail Account 2024

How To Create A Gmail Account: Hello you want to learn how to create a Gmail account in 2024? You will love my guide on this article, because is a simple guide on how you can successfully create a Gmail account with a phone number and username of your choice.

I will do a Gmail Review, Gmail Login and how to create a Gmail account with phone number.

Gmail Review

Gmail just like other webmail services such as yahoo mail, zoho mail and Hotmail etc. is a free email service provided by Google With over 1.5 billion active users worldwide as of 2019. It supports web browser and the official mobile App. it was launched in 2004, to provide a storage capacity of one gigabyte per user which is higher than any other web mail services.

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Gmail have a couple of great features you may not found elsewhere, one of it good side is that it is free to use and to create an account on Gmail is absolutely free.

Gmail Features

  • Storage
  • Interface
  • Spam filter
  • Gmail Labs
  • Search button
  • Multiple Language support
  • Good platforms

The above listed is the great Gmail features and just by creating an account which I’m going to show you below this article you can use all this features for free.

How To Create A Gmail Account

Guide 1: Visit the Gmail account official website @

Guide 2: Click on the Create Account link

Guide 3: You will be required to enter your first name, last name, username, password then confirm your password

Guide 4: Go to Next link

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Guide 5: Enter your mobile phone number, Your recovery email if any (optional)

Guide 6: Choose your date of birth, your gender

Guide 7: Click on “Create Account” Your registration will be successful.

Gmail Login

Another thing you will find yourself doing is Gmail login, and that is a simple one, follow the steps below and login on Gmail account.

Guide 1: Visit the Gmail account official website @

Guide 2: Click on the Login link

Guide 3: You will be required to enter your email address and password

Guide 4: Then click on the Submit  link and you will be done.

Creating A Gmail Account Without Phone Number

Guide 1: Visit the Gmail center to create account without phone number
Guide 2: Enter your first and last name.
Guide 3: Create your email by typing whatever you wish before
Guide 4: Enter your new password and confirm it.
Guide 5: Click Next.
Guide 6: Enter your birthday. Then click on create an account

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Does Gmail Have Premium Membership Subscription?

A lot of persons asked this questions because of the Gmail great features because many online services do not offers most of it great features for free.

Fortunately, Gmail offers it great features for free and there is no premium member on Gmail. With a single Gmail account you create for free, You will be entitled to so many Gmail account products such as the Google Zoom, Hangouts, Google search Console, Google Adsense, Youtube etc Popularly called all in one features.

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