How Much is Canada Visa fee in Nigeria 2023

How Much is Canada Visa fee in Nigeria 2023

How Much is Canada Visa fee in Nigeria? 2023,Canada is a North American country that has recently been a popular immigration destination for many Nigerians.

This tendency can be attributed to the country’s good reputation as the finest country in the world in terms of quality of life six times in a row.

Canada is well-known for its concern for human rights, strong labour market, and dedication to social justice.

The bilingual country of English and French, as well as the pride of North America, has opened its borders to Nigerians seeking to relocate. In comparison to other nations, Canada has an acceptable visa regime that is not as cumbersome.

The fees for a Canada visa in Nigeria vary depending on the visa type for which an applicant applies. There are several application procedures, including online applications and applications through the Visa Office.

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How Much is Canada Visa fee in Nigeria 2023

Various Canada visa fees in Nigeria apply to the visa category for which you wish to apply. To avoid losing money, you must select the appropriate category.

Visa application fees should be paid in Naira and are subject to vary at the discretion of the Canadian Embassy.

Applicants for a Canadian visa must pay for biometrics capturing. Individuals must pay #28,046, families must pay #56,093, and a group of artists must pay #164,980.

Visitor’s Visa

Nigerians who want to visit Canada for tourism purposes are granted visitor visas. A Visitor’s Visa can be obtained by an individual or a family who wants to visit Canada. Nigerians can obtain a visiting visa as many times as they want to visit Canada.

The fee for a Visitor’s Visa to Canada in Nigeria is $32,996, while the fee for a Visitor’s Visa for five or more individuals is $164,980.

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The requirements that you must complete before you can be considered for an Each of your children must be dependent, which means they must be under the age of 22, your family members must apply for the visitor’s visa at the same time and centre, and everyone travelling on the trip must be family members.

How Much is Canada Visa fee in Nigeria 2023

Super Visas are granted to parents or grandparents of Canadian citizens. It is a visa that allows for extended residence in Canada as well as repeated journeys.

The visa allows the holder to stay in Canada for up to two years for every visit, but it is only valid for ten years.

The Super visa costs $32,996, however, there is an additional fee of $32,996 for a prolonged stay in Canada, and renewing a visitor’s status costs #65,992.

Work Permit in Canada

Employer-specific work permits and Open Work permits are the two types of work licenses provided to Nigerians who want to live and work in Canada.

An employer-specific work permit is provided to immigrants who have found a job in Canada, whereas an open work permit is issued to immigrants who wish to migrate and work with a registered Canadian employer.

While a work permit for one person costs $51,144 and offers the possibility of an extended stay, a work permit for many people costs $153,431 and offers the same possibility.

An open work visa for a person, on the other hand, costs $32,996. For $117,136, a work permit can be renewed.

Student Visa

The Canada Student Visa is for any Nigerian student who wants to study in Canadian universities or colleges. Prospective students can apply for a student visa only after they have been accepted by their preferred Canadian university.

You will be expected to present documentation of your ability to fund your education and living expenses in Canada.

How Much is Canada Visa fee in Nigeria? 2023 is #49,494 for an individual and #115,486 for student status renewal when the applicant’s student status in Canada expires.

Federal Skilled Workers Visa

Nigerians seeking permanent residency in Canada are granted the Federal Skilled Worker Visa. Nigerians are frequently examined using criteria like English or French language proficiency, educational level, and work experience. To be qualified for a Federal Skilled Worker visa, skilled applicants must obtain 67 points.

An individual’s application price for a federal skilled worker visa is $343,158, of which $181,478 is suggested for the processing fee and $161,680 is implied for the right to permanent residency.

Without a permanent residency privilege, it costs $343,158 and $181,478 for a spouse. A dependent kid under the age of 22 must pay an application fee of #49,494.

Business Visa

Nigerians who are relocating to Canada for business purposes are granted a business visa. They are typically granted permanent residence for a fee of $346,458 for visa processing and $161,680 for permanent residence rights.

If you are migrating with a spouse, you must pay $343,158 for both visa procedures and permanent residence rights, as well as $49,494 for each dependent kid.

Requirements for a Canadian Visa Application In Nigeria

A Nigerian applying for a Canadian visa in Nigeria must provide the following documents:

  • A visitor visa and family information form have been completed.
  • Two colour pictures that meet the stipulated visa requirements.
  • An original sample of your Nigerian passport must be valid for at least six months after your return date and have at least two pages.
  • Evidence of sufficient cash for the duration of the stay, such as bank statements or payslips.
  • Proof of application and payment of the biometric cost.
  • A certificate of birth or evidence of assets could be used to demonstrate ties to Nigeria.
  •  A sample of an interim flight booking and vacation plan that includes hotel reservations.
  • Evidence of good health and medical history.
  • Ex-passport displaying trip history.
  • Additional documents to support your application, such as invitation letters or marriage certificates.
  • Letter of permission from the parent or guardian of a dependant travelling alone. A letter of approval from the parent or guardian who is not travelling is required if travelling with a parent or guardian.
  • Applicants who are visiting a family member or travelling for business will need an invitation letter that includes the purpose of the visit, duration of stay, contact information for your host individual or business, and other necessary information.


How Much is Canada Visa fee in Nigeria 2023

The price for a flight from Nigeria to Canada is NGN1,324,382.

How Much is Canada Visa fee in Nigeria 2023

The processing period for a visitor visa to Canada ranges from 8 to 40 days. However, depending on where you live, processing times change. You will therefore need to wait around a month for your visitor visa to be approved.

 Is it simple to obtain a Canadian visa?

 You can apply for a simple visa that will allow you to visit Canada for up to 6 months.


Each category has a different cost for a Canada visa in Nigeria. Visa application fees fluctuate depending on whether the applicant is seeking a visitor’s visa or a student visa. Check here for More Immigration News

The Canadian visa application procedure in Nigeria is highly convenient and generally stress-free.

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