Homeland Security raids home connected to Sean Diddy Combs

Homeland Security raids home connected to Sean Diddy Combs

Heavily armed officers that made their way inside. They actually are just milling about or holding the perimeter as it would be. The non-essential, you can see them making their way back over to these armored vehicles, probably doing a little debrief about what they saw. In any type of these situations, it really is you’ve got these armored officers that go in first. But I would venture to say the investigators or the people that are know what they’re looking for, probably still out there on the streets, and they’re waiting for that all clear to make sure that there is absolutely nobody on this property. Again, this is just a precaution. They don’t want to have any issues. Maybe somebody’s hiding still, maybe just scared. It doesn’t have to be nefarious just because they don’t know what’s going on, and they just don’t want to have somebody pop out of a closet or a bathroom or any one of these rooms while they’re doing that investigation, and then other problems can ensue.

Security team cleared the Large Home of Sean Diddy Combs

That’s basically why we’re seeing that large presence. They keep walking through there. Like you mentioned, this is an extremely large home and probably with many rooms and a little secret area. They want to make sure that everything is cleared before they allow those investigators in to start doing that investigation, whatever it is that they’re looking for. But you can see a number of those officers making their way back into that major. This is the big main house, as it would be, making their way back inside. I would venture to say that they’re going to just go through every one of those rooms and make sure that there is nobody in there. I don’t think those guys that we’re seeing, guys and girls that we’re seeing in those heavily armored gear and equipment.

Searching begin at Sean Diddy Combs Building

I don’t think they’re actually searching for any items that could connect whatever the investigation is. I would venture to say that those are going to be the guys that you’re seeing right there, and they’re waiting for that all clear. Then this group that you see there, those are the ones that are actually going to inside. They probably have, like you said, they probably have ideas what they’re looking for, where they might be. But right now, it is still a waiting game to make sure that everybody is out of this building and that it is secure for the investigators to make their way in and actually start that search. Now, we should mention, thank you, stew, that if this is, in fact, involving a sex trafficking investigation, we do know that according to Diddy’s attorneys and the rapper himself, he has denied any wrongdoing in any of all this.

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we continue to look at the procedures taking place regarding this raid that’s being conducted by Homeland Security. You have support from local law enforcement officials as well. We saw from the ground shots, you see multiple agencies there a part of all of this.

Drone deployed as Sean Diddy Combs property under serious investigation

Drone deployed as Sean Diddy Combs property under serious investigation

They have a number of resources on hand with a drone flying up top, as well as they had ladders taking a closer look at certain parts of the property. And so they They are looking at every nook and cranny they need to in terms of why they’re investigating this home and property. Clearly, this is going to take a while. As Haley mentioned, with her shot down on the ground right there, more people are coming to your area. Haley? Yeah, I would say it’s mostly media at this point. We were the first ones here on scene. But yeah, since there’s probably a dozen different media agencies. Yeah, it looks like his homes on both coasts are being raided. We still have We’ve not gotten word on exactly where P. Diddy is, if he is in fact in New York right now or in Los Angeles. The guns that were drawn earlier have been since put away. It looks like they just put away their drone. But of course, doing a thorough job of checking the home for any details that they can come up with related to these allegations against sex trafficking. As you said, Sandra, there’s several lawsuits against him for these allegations. All of which he has denied. We will have to wait and see, of course, and everybody’s interested in the details of how he’s connected to these latest allegations. No, it looks like more are coming. I think what you’re seeing is just the vehicles moving to a different location.

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The Homeland security still trying to get in Sean Diddy Combs building

And overhead, you can see law Definitely. We all know how that works. The suits are going to be the investigators probably the ones that are running the show. Again, I still think that they are just waiting for that green light for them to be allowed to make their way inside the property and to make their way to the areas that I would venture to say that they probably are pretty specific. I don’t think they’re just going in randomly. Again, this is just a guess. I don’t think they’re going in randomly, just going through everybody’s stuff inside there. They probably have an area that they know or an office that they’re going to be looking into or some computers that they might want to physically get their hands on. That’s what they’re waiting for right now to make their way inside this property. Like you said, very beautiful home out there in the Homely Hills area. They’re just waiting to get the all clear to allow them inside while these officers that we see right there in the tactical gear, well, their job is to make sure that everything is safe for them to go in. Now, they don’t probably… Again, I just want to be clear. It’s like nobody’s thinking that there’s booby traps or some a sniper inside the home. That’s not what they’re thinking at all. It’s probably

 Many taken into custody with hand cuffs As the security make their way in to Sean Diddy Combs Home

more along the lines of they want to make sure that everybody is outside of the home because they don’t want to have somebody stepping out or coming out later on and surprising or catching people off guard. That’s not what they want. Right now, you can see, like Sandra, you’ve been saying, there’s a large number of people out here. I would venture to say as far as the officers go, I would probably put this group closer to 100, not just what we’re seeing right here. This is just one group of many that have made their way out here to this Homely Hills area. As far as the suits that we were talking about, that’s part of the group right there. But there’s some other ones as well, younger ones that were basically leading the charge, and they That’s them right there, actually. Perfect timing. It looks like they’re making their way over towards the home.

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Many Arrested as Sean Diddy Home

They might be the first ones to make their way in to start that investigation process or to figure out where we’re going to look, what we’re looking for. Then later on, the suits will make their way in as well. But like you said, it’s going to be a very long process out here, and this is just the very beginning. The folks that they had taken into custody, they’ve moved them out of the area right now. Again, we wouldn’t say that they are arrested. We don’t know that for a fact. They took them into custody. A few of them still hand cuffs on. Some of them didn’t. Maybe this was a division of, these are people that we know work here. These are people that may be associated with Sean Holmes or Badboy Entertainment. It’s one of those type of situations. Until they know who they are, they’re just going to keep them in custody and possibly just let them go later on. I don’t believe the word arrested has been used out here as of yet. But again, still very active situation. Of course, that is a huge house, and they’ve got a lot of rooms to clear before they allow those investigators.

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