How to get a full scholarship

Getting admitted into a Nigerian university is an exciting milestone for any student. However, the high cost of tertiary education can be a significant barrier for many prospective undergraduates. Thankfully, many Universities in Nigeria Offering Generous Undergraduate Scholarships to help talented students fund their studies.

In this blog post, we will highlight some of the top universities in Nigeria that provide substantial undergraduate scholarships based on merit or financial need.

Whether you are an incoming student or already enrolled in a program, it’s worth exploring if you are eligible for any of these scholarship opportunities to help ease the financial burden of university. With Nigeria’s youth population booming, these scholarships play a crucial role in making tertiary education more accessible and affordable.

Covenant University

Covenant University, located in Ota, Ogun State, is a leading private Christian university in Nigeria. The school has a reputation for academic excellence and is highly selective in its admissions process. Once admitted, Covenant University is among Universities in Nigeria Offering Generous Undergraduate Scholarships:

Full Tuition Scholarship: This covers 100% of tuition fees and is awarded based on outstanding academic performance. Students must maintain a minimum CGPA of 4.0 to renew this scholarship every year.

Half Tuition Scholarship: A 50% tuition discount awarded to students with an admission average of A or B. It is renewable yearly based on academic performance.

Need-Based Scholarship: Students with a strong financial need can apply for a partial to full tuition scholarship. Selection is based on financial situation and academic record.

Overall, Covenant offers scholarships worth over NGN 150 million to undergraduate students annually. The school has one of the most comprehensive scholarship programs for undergraduates in Nigeria.

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Ahmadu Bello University

Located in Zaria, Kaduna State, Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) is a federal university and one of the largest in Nigeria. For undergraduate students, ABU is among Universities in Nigeria Offering Generous Undergraduate Scholarships :

Merit Scholarship: Students with a minimum entry score of 300/400 can qualify for a 100% tuition waiver plus accommodation support.

Needs-Based Scholarship: Students whose parents or sponsors have a demonstrable financial constraint can apply for partial or full tuition coverage.

Zonal Scholarship: ABU reserves some scholarships slots for each student intake from Nigeria’s main geopolitical zones.

Overall, the ABU undergraduate scholarship program awards close to NGN 150 million annually. The school has a Grant-In-Aid program that also assists students facing financial difficulties during their studies.

University of Lagos

A favorite among students in the southern part of Nigeria, the University of Lagos (UNILAG) offers these undergraduate scholarships:

Academic Merit: Students with a minimum entry score of 280/400 receive significant tuition discounts ranging from 30% to 100%.

UNILAG Scholars: This covers 50% to 100% of tuition for academically outstanding students with no financial support.

Departmental Scholarship: Some departments offer partial to full scholarships based on students’ JAMB scores.

On average, UNILAG offers scholarships and other funding worth over NGN 200 million to undergraduate students each year. The university has strong partnerships with external donors and organizations that provide additional scholarships.

Obafemi Awolowo University

Located in Ile-Ife, Osun State, Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) is one of Nigeria’s first-generation federal universities. For undergraduates, it offers these scholarships:

Merit-Based: Students admitted with JAMB scores of 290/400 to 300/400 get 50% to 100% tuition discounts.

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CGPA-Based: Students maintaining average scores of 4.0 to 5.0 receive up to 100% tuition coverage.

Special Scholarships: OAU has several named scholarships covering up to full tuition for exceptional students. These include scholarships for females and students from educationally less developed states.

Overall, OAU provides one of the most generous undergraduate scholarship programs in Nigeria, with awards valued at over NGN 300 million annually. The school combines merit, need, and other criteria in selecting scholarship recipients.

University of Nigeria, Nsukka

Based in Enugu State, the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN) is one of Nigeria’s oldest federal universities. UNN offers these undergraduate scholarships:

First Class Scholarships: Students who graduated from secondary school with first class scores receive full tuition, accommodation, books, and a laptop allowance.

UNN Merit Scholarship: Students with JAMB scores above 290/400 get tuition discounts of 50% to 100%.

UNN Work-Study: Students work part-time within the university while earning a 50% tuition waiver plus monthly pay.

UNN also offers sports and disability scholarships, plus support from external donors and foundations. On average, the university provides undergraduate scholarships worth over NGN 250 million annually.

University of Ibadan

Nigeria’s first university, the University of Ibadan (UI), offers undergraduate scholarships including:

Merit Awards: Students with exceptional academic records and 300/400 JAMB scores receive tuition discounts of 80% to 100%.

Sports Scholarship: UI attracts some of Nigeria’s best student athletes by offering up to 100% tuition coverage and monthly stipends.

Special Consideration: Students with hearing/vision impairments or other disabilities can apply for financial aid and tuition waivers.

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In total, UI provides over NGN 350 million in undergraduate scholarships each year. The school relies on internal funding and support from alumni, partners, and philanthropists.

The University of Ibadan’s long history and reputation for learning make its scholarship program highly competitive.

Afe Babalola University

Located in Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State, Afe Babalola University is a reputable private university in Nigeria. It offers generous undergraduate scholarships including:

Full Academic Scholarship: Covering 100% tuition for the duration of the program, based on outstanding academic ability.

Sports Scholarship: Up to 100% tuition coverage for talented student athletes.

Arts & Culture Scholarship: For gifted students in creative fields like music, film, fashion and more.

On average, Afe Babalola University provides over NGN 250 million in undergraduate scholarships annually. The school has strong industry partnerships that provide additional scholarship funds.


In conclusion, Nigeria boasts many universities that offer generous undergraduate scholarships to attract bright minds from across the country. While academic merit is the most common scholarship criteria, financial need is often considered too.

Students shouldn’t shy away from applying to top federal and private universities even if they can’t afford the high tuition fees. With scholarships covering 50% to 100% of tuition, many Nigerian universities make world-class education much more accessible.

Make sure to understand the specific scholarship requirements at your desired university. Also leverage other funding options like government education loans and grants. With Nigeria’s youth population expected to grow exponentially over the next decade, these impactful undergraduate scholarships will become even more crucial.

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