What Do You know About Google Adsense Cpc?

What do you know about Google Adsense Cpc?-I will show you how to earn a million Naira weekly by increasing Cpc not traffic.

A Doctor friend of mine contacted me on recently to help him purchase Google Adsense account. I recommended one for him, a UK Adsense account that pays in pounds.

After some hours, he came back and said his friend told him there’s no way to withdraw money from UK accounts. I laughed.

That’s same UK account that pays me atleast £3,000 monthly. How then have I been receiving money? I also had another encounter with one gentleman last week. He is a news blogger and has been for over a year.

I told him his CPC was too poor and that it could get to $1 per click. He laughed so hard. He said that’s over ambitious, almost impossible.

I ended the conversation immediately. But I didn’t blame him. How do you explain to a man with $0.03 CPC for over a year, suffering from a closed mind, that $1 cpc is possible?

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I have learnt not to waste my time on people with insufferable minds, pessimistic minds. If something is impossible for you, it doesn’t mean it’s impossible for another.

There’s hardly anything impossible for a man committed to a cause, armed with knowledge and persistence.

What is CPC?

CPC means cost per click, it’s how much Google pays a blogger for each ad click on his blog. This is what makes all the difference in blogging. With $0.02 cpc, you will need 100,000 clicks to earn urgent $2k in a week. That means a lot of work, a lot of unnecessary page views and waste of server bandwidths.

But with $1 cpc, you need only 2000 clicks to collect your urgent $2k weekly.

So, here’s how to transform your blog cpc.

1. Change your ads placement.

Most bloggers with low cpc have ad placement issues in common. People must see your ads to click on them.

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An average visitor spends only few seconds on your blog, your ads must be in places where they will be seen and clicked. This is why the header position is the most potent place to insert your ad. Visit big and successful blogs and study their ad placement, effect changes on yours.

2. Visit your Adsense account.

Click on site, turn on auto ads and everything under it. Most importantly, increase the Ad load to maximum. Save the changes.

3. Get traffic from tier one countries.

You see, what Google pays you is what advertisers are willing to pay. Google advertisers are willing to pay more for visitors from first world countries like US, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany etc. You can get this traffic from SEO or use paid means.

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You can as well Use Adsterra as an advertiser, target tier one market and drive users to your blog. It’s easy. Your cpc will jump up!

4. Change your niche.

I abandoned my news blog. It wasn’t earning me anything tangible despite my huge traffic. I had to focus squarely on profitable niches.

I’m not asking you to abandon your blog, I’m asking new people to do quality research, find niches with good CPC and get in there. There’s no need to be popular and broke; huge traffic, poor earnings!

If you do these very well overtime, your C[PC will leap up and you will earn more money easily from Google


When you are able to meet up with all these I’m giving you assurance that your earning will jump within a short time. Good Luck

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